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Posted 12.09.2018 by Mario & Kitty Costello

Welcome to the new website and online store for Daughter Manufacturing. We started exploring the idea of starting our own company quite a few years ago and it took a lot of thinking and a lot of conversations to settle on a plan for what the company would do or make, how we wanted to go about executing that plan and how we wanted to present it to the world.

What we settled on was this: to both design and manufacture our own product ideas. Some times that means doing 100% of the production ourselves in our shop and some of the time it means partnering with a local manufacturer to help with part of the process. Our initial plan is to do these projects in limited runs of 100 sets or pieces and the move on to a new project. If something ends up being particularly well-liked, we’ll will extend its life for a while. We fully intend to adjust and change what we’re doing and how we do it as we go along, so the company will continue to be a work in progress.

Daughter Manufacturing - The Brass Family

Our first offering is for your table and is called the Brass Family. It’s comprised of four pieces: a set of four coasters, a set of two votive candle holders, a set of salt and pepper shakers and a trivet. All are fabricated from solid brass through a combination of spinning, forming and machining. The colored surfaces of the coasters and the trivets are a tough poured epoxy component that we tint in a variety of 9 different colors.

That selection of colors, which can be augmented with a white “dot” detail or background, will give you 27 different choices to choose from with our coasters and 9 to choose from with our trivet. We’ll also do some additional color combos with seasonal themes here and there.

Now that the Brass Family is available for sale, we’ll be designing and planning for our next product, which will be in the world of lighting. We have a pair of aluminum prototype lamps (fig_3.jpg) in our living room that we’ve been enjoying for a few years and we’re starting to figure out whether or not this is a viable product for us to focus on going forward. The heart of the product is a thick-walled aluminum extrusion that makes up the lamp base, which we’re exploring how to manufacture.

We’ll be posting regular blog pieces that show some of the design work we do for our own life at home and the experiments that are inevitably part of the explorations that accompany learning about new materials and the techniques that go with using them. Right now the plan is to do a post that explains how the Brass Family is made and then a series that shows the process behind one of our recent design experiments, the area lamp.

Last and certainly not least, we have to give a vigorous nod to our friends at Ocupop who have helped to make this whole thing possible. They were the first people we came to when we started mulling what Daughter Manufacturing would be and how it would be presented to the world and they’ve been invaluable in terms of their flexibility, their creativity and their attention to detail. It all started with our diamond shaped logo and now here we are with a new website that they put together for us.

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Please allow 5 days for fabrication.