• Centered Daughter Blue
  • Centered School House Red
  • Centered Dove Gray
  • Centered Bright White
  • Centered Black
  • Centered Forest Green
  • Centered Moss Green
  • Centered Orange
  • Centered Baby Blue
  • Centered Pink
  • Off Centered Daughter Blue
  • Off Centered School House Red/white
  • Off Centered Dove Gray
  • Off Centered Bright White
  • Off Centered Black
  • Off Centered Forest Green
  • Off Centered Moss Green
  • Off Centered Orange
  • Off Centered Baby Blue
  • Off Centered Pink

  • one piece per package
  • spun brass shell filled with tinted epoxy and brass rings
  • option for centered or off-centered rings
  • 8” diameter
  • rubber/cork bottom
  • colors in use: Daughter Blue, School House Red, Slate Gray, Bright White, Black, Moss Green, Forest Green, Orange, Baby Blue

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Please allow 5 days for fabrication.